Riverbank One Day Classic 2017

Well this report sat in draft mode for WAY TOO LONG! I guess when things mostly go right there is not a ton to say about the race. Well done is better than perfect and something is better than nothing so here it is.

This is my race report for the 2017 Riverbank One Day Classic on February 25th-26th 2017.  My goal going into the race was to set a strong qualifier for the US team. My training had gone exceptionally well and had the logged most miles in a month by far with over 650 miles in January. Surprisingly I ran 106 miles the week before without even noticing the volume. I had a one page race plan which worked really well.

Slept really well on Thursday night woke up early to leave for the airport by 3:30am on Friday morning. Crew chief extraordinaire Matt was right on time and got us to Newark airport relaxed and hassle free. I had delegated ALL of the travel details to him so I would not be stressed by it and this worked fantastically. He had packed us both BIG bag lunches for the six hour flight. We zoomed through security headed to the gate and had a relaxing flight with many naps and snacking on turkey sub, pretzel sticks, peanuts, cookies and brownies. I was advised to carb up, normally being a LCHF I think I went a bit overboard here. I was originally confused and thought the bag was for Matt and I to share, nope I was wrong he had a matching one for himself…lol  We landed got our checked bag full of all of my powders and gels and Matt drove us away in our fun randomly picked Nissan Juke rental car.

We stopped for some pictures and lunch ( more of the left overs from above) on Baker Beach and touched the Pacific Ocean with our finger tips since i16825796_10212214383372587_6940634556210946209_ot was a bit windy and cold to be messing around getting our feet wet. Then a drive over Golden Gate Bridge and on to Muir woods. The redwoods were amazing and we saw many birds even though park 20170224_130034ranger intern Andrew told us the tannin in the bark would keep them away…lol.  It seemed a few of the precious trees had fell very recently I guess due to the record rain fall. The place was mystical and refreshing. Then we drove back up the twisty tourney road without fear and into 101 traffic! Lots of traffic and windmills and rolling grassy hillside fields with cows. The hills were bizarre and I assume were the result of previous strip mining? Then onto dead stopped traffic on another single lane road lined with millions of trees that I could not identify ( later we found out these were almonds.) Then a search for the grocery store to pick up some last minute items and finally salvation! We arrived at Laura and Jerry’s house and were graciously welcomed by them and Duffy the dog. Amazingly Laura had the dinner I had emailed her about hot and ready; EXACTLY how I wanted it, on the table when we arrived. Dinner was delicious and it was great to feel comfortable after sitting in all that traffic. After some brief chatting I was off to my comfy bed.

Slept really well again and up early for a shower and breakfast by 6:30 am avocado and fried eggs again cooked perfectly by Laura. She also had all of the ingredients of my everyday fat coffee on hand and I whipped it up in my travel mug to go. It was an easy trip over to Riverbank high and in the chilly morning we quickly set up our table and gear trackside and I picked up my bib. Although we had picked up lunch for crew chief Matt we forgot to get him breakfast. Matt set off to get some grub but mistakenly headed away with my coffee and my watch which made me extremely nervous. It was a bit chilly sitting by the track and it would have been better to relax in the warm car for every last second that I could. I ate an uncrustable to calm my nerves. Matt returned shortly after and I retreated to the car to warm up and finish my coffee. After an inspirational speech by RD Jon Olsen, beautiful American flag presentation by the scouts and a wonderful acoustic singing of the national anthem we were off in running by five after nine with a yell of bang after the starting pistol failed.

Due to the inaccuracy of GPS I had to run laps at 8:45 average pace per mile on the watch to get 2:14 laps.

One of the most motivating things of this race was hearing Jon Olsen tell me it looked like I had not event started running when we were 12 hours in. Many rabbits went out pretty fast and I was in the middle of the pack many hours into the race but sticking to plan the speedsters slowly but surely came back to me.


It’s’ pretty funny when you look at the chart below.  Each of the first 4 large spikes are poop breaks and the shorter ones in the begging are definitely pee breaks so 12 or so of those.  Definitely need to figure out how to cut down on the number 2 stops! The last big spike is when my bib didn’t cross over the timing mat and didn’t register.


Laura our wonderful host paced my last lap so she could place my cone. Luckily having her there gave me the last boost to get me around again and had her Matt and me all laughing since I dropped her after 24 hours of running. I competed in the Riverbank 24 Hour Running Race completing 152.213 miles in 24 hours ( 612 laps around the 400 meter high school track ). This has earned me the #4 qualifying position for Team USA 24 hour ultra running team.  Just 2 more races left in the qualifying series it’s looking hopeful that my qualifying position will get me to the World Championships in Belfast, Northern Ireland on July 1st 2017.

Sore fore arm. For more than a week after the race my forearm was very sore and swollen. My guess it this is from checking the watch so many times in the race. Laura suggested I get a SHIFT The watch band for running from EdgeGear. They gave me one to try and I have been really happy with always being able to see the screen at the right angle without having to turn my wrist!

Epsom salt bath, night sweats, itching! Recovery was rough. I did an Epsom salt bath and used Epsom salt lotion right after the race. It took 2 days for te night sweats to finally come after this and then another few nights of some crazy itching! not sure what was going on there.