Mohican to One Day at the Fair

onedaystartThose who have been following along know I ran the Mohican 100 and then Crowd Sourced my qualifying plan to have me racing NJ Trail Series One Day at the Fair this past weekend.  Since June I have been following a strict HFLC diet, using MAF HR for most training and haven’t had a drop of alcohol ( which is probably the longest time for that since I was 18 ).

The taper had gone really well, sleep was up, resting HR was down. End of the week leading up to the race, diarrhea! Yeah I know TMI but we’re ultra runners. I took Thursday off from running since whatever this infection was it made me feel like I had a hernia. It was really bad Friday afternoon. I had to cut my two mile shake out run short to get back to a potty! Stat! Anyway this led to quite a few extended potty stops in the race. It was great to have the home field advantage though, not having to travel or find a restaurant was stress free!

Packing was a bit crazy. stuffWith help of my packing list from North Coast I managed to have everything I needed except Pickle Juice! Don’t forget the pickle juice. There was none at the aid station but thanks to Shamus he was able to find me half a shot of the stuff that did the trick for some cramps I had early on in the race.

Anyway I slept well the night before the race and woke rested from a bizarre dream where Mark Long was either trans gender or a cross dresser and I was trying to convince him to not quit running and get back to running 100s. I didn’t mention his bob haircut, blue eyeshadow or ear rings. Must have been a sign since Mark is my Ultra Running Guru!

My handoffamazing crew chief Matt Heiblim arrived for our trip to the race right on time and ready to go. I can’t say enough of how glad I am to of had Matt as my crew. It was his first 24 hour race experience and he worked his ass off for me to be successful. I could have never done it without him. Matt not only helped me he cheered and helped almost every other runner on the course. I also want to thank Rob Wilson for taking a ton of pictures and of course the super ultra ladies Shannon and Alanna for their always positive support.

Well besides the diarrhea there were quite a few other things that held me back from reaching my 150 goal.

  • I had been doing all my training with my Polar watch and had felt pretty comfortable in my pace runs leading up to the event at a 9 minute pace. Well when I got on course I found I had to run an 8:55 pace with the tangents to get a 9 minute mile lap. So I stuck with doing 8:55 on the watch, stupid. What makes this even stupider is that I had changed my running pace plan from 9:20 a mile; giving me plenty of bank time to still get 150, just days before the race, even stupider.
  • What made this even worse is the unexpected cruelty of the hill at the start finish.  I don’t usually schedule walking; breaks but I should.  I wouldn’t schedule them on time but on geography. Walk the hills. What this means varies drastically based on the course. I made a mistake at One Day, if you are familiar with the course it has a pretty good incline by the start finish. In hind sight I should of walked this hill from the first lap. I walked an incline at the worlds very consistently and that paid off. It has worked at other loop events as well.
  • I neglected putting warmer clothing on earlier feeling comfortable especially when I started walking. I think being cold for so long made it tougher to get moving again when the sun finally came up. DAMN! the night time in November in New Jersey is LONG! Being so close to the supermoon was pleasant but the low temperature of 25 degrees was cold! GU was frozen, water bottles were icy!
  • My somewhat experimental HFLC/Keto hydration and race nutrition requires some changes. Not sure what to do here, but then again the pre-race stomach issues could have also been a factor in this not working.  Broth with extra bullion was a life saver, Matt would bring it down to the bottom of the hill for me to drink as I walked up. Once we got this pattern down I would shout “SOUP THE HILL” and like a trooper Matt would be around the loop with a travel mug of full of hot broth!
  • I need new ear buds for my Sony Walkman Waterproof Sports MP3 Player! I really love this no longer manufactured player with no wires and no need to carry a phone. I have long since lost the original ear buds and tried to replace them with buds from other players. No good! I cant count the number of times I took off the headset leaving the ear bud stuck in my ear that I then had to pinch out. Stupid! I knew this was an issue before the race should have bought a replacement music player. The new version will be on my X-mas wish list Sony NWWS413BM 4GB Sports Wearable MP3 Player

No! chaffing! I believe this is a first for me in a 24 our race. Cold temps and less sweating was probably a big factor but I had done a bunch of dress rehearsal 1 hour runs that I used to evaluate clothing choices leading up to the race.

Is that guy a linebacker or an ultra runner?

Is that guy a linebacker or an ultra runner?


A last minute addition to the wardrobe was Runderwear! Moisture wicking, seamless, ergonomic. They are a bit pricey but with the issues I have had down there they are way worth the price!

I am excited, considering I am even thinking about trying another qualifier the “Monday after” is a good sign. I am in the Western States 100 lottery for the fourth consecutive year with 8 tickets this time. Sadly WSER100 is the week before Belfast. So if I am selected I will have some real tough decisions to make if I get into Squaw.