Daily Journal Three

After getting less than 5 hours of sleep Monday night I slept in today for more than 9 hours.  Still feeling tired but fat coffee is kicking in. I was thinking of doing 10 or 12 miles a big brook this morning but I decided to wait till noon and run 7 or so at lunch.

Listened to Kyle Brown on the Fat Burning Man Podcast while walking Dobby.  Picked up a few good reminders / tips. Water is the greatest fat burning supplement known to man; remember to monitor and increase drinking water for fat loss. Don’t eat soft squishy foods, foods that make you chew more are better.  When your friends and family see you eating in a healthy way “they feel like they have to self-evaluate” an may discourage you because of the impact on themselves.

Good article on eating I read today.

I got stung by a yellow jacket on my left butt cheek and my right wrist while mowing the lawn, both are a bit swollen, numb and sore.

Weight 159.4
Body Fat 17.4%
Breath Ketones: 40
3×10 sets of Pull ups, pushups, squats & 1 minute planks throughout the day.
8 lunch miles
AM & PM dog walks

Lunch salad Ingredients and finished product.
Lunch Lunch Salad


Dinner, Ribs and Spinach

Still high on the protein for the day