Daily Journal Two

I can not tell a lie.  I have a HUGE gap in my food logging from yesterday. I couldn’t sleep and my quads were sore so I went bonkers and binged on Peanut Butter around 11PM last night.  I am going to fudge the log for it at 8 tbsp. and log it this morning.  Still under calories and macros for the day.  This is the first time this binge behavior has happened to me in a while. I need to make sure I get at least 2000 calories in even if I am not hungry earlier, and lock the PB in a safe!

Weight 160
Body Fat 17%
Breath Ketone 46
13.25 Glorious miles on the Columbia Trail in 2 hours

Coffee to Go

Fat Coffee for breakfast

Salmon Salad
Salmon, Eggs, Avocado, Spring mix, feta lunch

20160823_182315 20160823_181136

Pork tenderloin, cheese, chopped broccoli for dinner.

Yougurt and PB

Yogurt and Peanut Butter for dinner.


Protein is to high today.