Daily Journal One

Fat CoffeeI thought up this daily journal on my run yesterday.  I plan to log all of my fitness data, food log, feelings and thoughts. Hopefully I can use this tracking to find patterns and fine tune my life. I write this today while drinking my fat coffee.  Later I will put up screen shots of my dashboards from CRON-O-Meter, Strava & Fitbit and photos of all of my food.fat coffee

I’m Cold Water Plungeback from a great weekend in Black Moshannon. We had a work detail at the Moose camp but that didn’t stop me form getting my miles in. Easy Trail Half with Todd on Saturday and easy 21 glorious miles on the gravel roads in the rain on Sunday. Heartrate monitor must need a battery as it was reading in the 180s when I was hardly moving. I did a Cold Water Plunge into this stream
right after the 21 miler and after working in the heat all day on Saturday. Super refreshing.

Weight 158.2
Body Fat 17%
Breath Ketone 38
3×10 sets of Pull ups, pushups & squats throughout the day.
am/pm dog walking
10K run at lunch

I listened to Podcast #227: The Art & Science of Loving the Place You Live while walking Dobby this morning. This podcast really resonated with me since I have a longing to get out of Marlboro, NJ although I have lived here for 37 of my 42 years; and lived just a town away for the other 5 years. Job,  kids and family keep me here even though I think I am meant for a mountain life. I am going to read the book and see what I can do to enjoy the nature in the small parks near by and see what I can do to improve the walkability in Marlboro.  I think the community really could use better sidewalks to access the Henry Hudson Trail from various neighborhoods.

Here is my lunch salad.

20160822_131249 20160822_132355lunch.20160822As I mentioned before my Garmin HR monitor has been acting increasingly flakey over the last 3 or 4 weeks.  It would jump up and down and read over 160 when I was barely moving. I had thought the HR strap was supposed to be more accurate than optical HR on the wrist so I discounted the differences between my Fitbit Blaze HR and the Garmin strap HR. Today I wore Donna’s HR strap which is practically brand new.  The Blaze and Garmin were practically the same the whole run. It turns out that my old strap was probably more than just flakey at times, seems like it was probably 5 to 7 beats high most of the time.  So I guess I really have been training the low end for more than a month.

standing desk stoolGreat tip from Kelly Starrett for standing desk enthusiasts that I heard on the Paleo Magazine Podcast. Have a stool to put your foot on and assume the “Captain Morgan position”. They figured this out a long time ago in the bars, you are more likely to stand there longer if you have somewhere to put your foot. I found this crate to add to my standing desk set up today along with the balance disk in the background.

Evening walk listened to Alpha Movement Podcast Why Your Gym Routine Never Lasts: 7 Simple Steps To Consistency some great tips on the podcast which are summarized in the blog link above.

Chicken & BroccoliDinner tonight was simple, 3 small boneless skinless chicken thighs sautéed in butter over about 3 cups of chopped broccoli. Not hungry all day, no obsessing on food, good strong energy!

Procrastinated again on my mobility work studies for Azure Dev exam. Journaling is tough work I hope I can keep it up.