I have yet to DNF

I have yet to DNF.  I have ran some fairly tough races under some less than ideal conditions but I still haven’t found a race course and day that could beat me. I have come up with a bucket list of races that I plan on pushing this to the test.  This is a rough plan in order of appearance and subject to change. It’s a tough place to be in ultra running that you have to have a multi year plan to register and get through the lotteries of the most challenging races. Let’s make a plan to DNF?

All that being said if am able to qualify for the US24 hour team again this could change my plans for 2017 and I’ll be once again praying that I don’t get into the WSER100 with 4 years worth of tickets in the lottery this time. It would be close to impossible to pull off a trip to Belfast and the Grand Slam.