Keto Fat Fish Salad Diet

In the last month I have lost close to 20 lbs (177lbs to 158lbs) on my Fat Fish Salad diet. Its pretty simple to follow for busy people so I thought I would document it for those who want an easy to follow HEALTHY weight loss plan. This diet uses the HFLC nutritional ketosis principals to increase fat metabolism.  This in conjunction with my Not Kicking my own ASS training plan seems to be working really well.

I start the day (usually at 4:44am) with a Bulletproof coffee.  I make 2.5 cups of coffee with 3 tbsp. of fat added.  1 tbsp. each of ghee, coconut oil and MCT oil blended in the VitaMix. Remember bulletproof coffee must be blended otherwise it is oily and gross. When blended it turns into a whipped coffee style drink like cappuccino. I will mix this with more black coffee to stretch it out for 4 big mugs of joe. This is all I have until at least 11am. I will usually do a 5 to 7 mile walk with Dobby wearing my weighted vest kicking up the fat burning for the day.

Salad and Fish choices

Salad and Fish choices

For lunch I will have a big salad, the boxes of salad in the grocery store are a good serving size.  I top the salad with an avocado and 2 tbsp. of cheese crumbles ( full fat feta, blue or gorgonzola)  and 1 can of fish ( oysters, salmon, sardines or tuna packed in olive oil). Then I sprinkle the salad with pink or sea salt. The finished product looks something like this.

20160807_115757 20160807_12033020160807_120509

Dinner is also simple.  This is usually just a large amount of some green frozen vegetable with a tbsp. of grass fed butter and some meat.  Usually a piece of steak fried in butter or chicken thighs.