I have yet to DNF

I have yet to DNF.  I have ran some fairly tough races under some less than ideal conditions but I still haven’t found a race course and day that could beat me. I have come up with a bucket list of races that I plan on pushing this to the test.  This is a rough plan in […]

North Coast 24 Hour Plan

31 days till the NC24! Following my intention of writing things down here’s my plan for the North Coast 24 on September 17th 2016. I’ve been dealing with her injury in my abductor for more than a year. This has curtailed my training, diet and my mindset therefore I’m not adequately prepared to compete in […]

Bear Mountain 50 Miler


Yesterday (4/30/2016) I ran the Bear Mountain 50 Miler. I proved to myself, once more, that I can still do pretty well in an ultra without training at all. Since I had done similar at the Vermont 100 last July, finishing in under 24 hours with similar training. As you can see from the report below, in my last […]