Daily Journal One

I thought up this daily journal on my run yesterday.  I plan to log all of my fitness data, food log, feelings and thoughts. Hopefully I can use this tracking to find patterns and fine tune my life. I write this today while drinking my fat coffee.  Later I will put up screen shots of my dashboards […]

Write $h!t down!

I write things in my blog mostly as reminders or motivation to myself, hopefully someone else can benefit from it.  I finally put the effort into getting my username and password correct to log into my WordPress app on my phone.  This will make recording an idea as a voice memo that I can latter edit possible […]

Keto Fat Fish Salad Diet

In the last month I have lost close to 20 lbs (177lbs to 158lbs) on my Fat Fish Salad diet. Its pretty simple to follow for busy people so I thought I would document it for those who want an easy to follow HEALTHY weight loss plan. This diet uses the HFLC nutritional ketosis principals […]

My INSANE Training Philosophies

Most people think I am crazy to run like I do.  I have to agree with them.  Here is a list of my insane training ideas.  I have no special training or anything with regards to sports science.  This information is all based on my personal experience and what I have learned from others or things I have […]