Daily Journal Day 4

Early commute to NYC made for a busy day. Spent a bunch of the day on fitness ball instead of chair. Weight 159.4 Body Fat 17% Breath Ketones: N/A 8 miles on Treadmill in the AM 5 miles outside at lunch with a friend PM dog walk Fat coffee to go and ingredients needs for my […]

Daily Journal Three

After getting less than 5 hours of sleep Monday night I slept in today for more than 9 hours.  Still feeling tired but fat coffee is kicking in. I was thinking of doing 10 or 12 miles a big brook this morning but I decided to wait till noon and run 7 or so at […]

Daily Journal One

I thought up this daily journal on my run yesterday.  I plan to log all of my fitness data, food log, feelings and thoughts. Hopefully I can use this tracking to find patterns and fine tune my life. I write this today while drinking my fat coffee.  Later I will put up screen shots of my dashboards […]

North Coast 24 Hour Plan

31 days till the NC24! Following my intention of writing things down here’s my plan for the North Coast 24 on September 17th 2016. I’ve been dealing with her injury in my abductor for more than a year. This has curtailed my training, diet and my mindset therefore I’m not adequately prepared to compete in […]

Write $h!t down!

I write things in my blog mostly as reminders or motivation to myself, hopefully someone else can benefit from it.  I finally put the effort into getting my username and password correct to log into my WordPress app on my phone.  This will make recording an idea as a voice memo that I can latter edit possible […]

Keto Fat Fish Salad Diet

In the last month I have lost close to 20 lbs (177lbs to 158lbs) on my Fat Fish Salad diet. Its pretty simple to follow for busy people so I thought I would document it for those who want an easy to follow HEALTHY weight loss plan. This diet uses the HFLC nutritional ketosis principals […]