I have yet to DNF

I have yet to DNF.  I have ran some fairly tough races under some less than ideal conditions but I still haven’t found a race course and day that could beat me. I have come up with a bucket list of races that I plan on pushing this to the test.  This is a rough plan in […]

Seven Minute 500 Calorie Low Carb Breakfast

Many people complain they don’t have time or money to eat a healthy breakfast.  Here is my simple Seven Minute 500 Calorie Nutrient Dense breakfast that I eat on most mornings when I am not Intermittent Fasting. It also cleans up quick since it only uses a bowl, spatula & frying pan to cook. 1. Put […]

Daily Journal Six

Weight 158.4 Body Fat 17% 27 miles of running at or below HR 138, 10:09 pace per mile. Drank 1 each of BCAA, Vespa, Tailwind, and KetoCana. After running: Weight 153.4 Body Fat 15.4% Forgot to take a picture of my salad which was 2.5 cups of spring mix, 1/4lb of liverwurst, smoked oysters and […]