In short, we are an obscure suburban running group in Eastern, Central New Jersey.

But there’s a bit more to it…

There’s no shortage  of running clubs/groups in New Jersey. We have joined, ran with or have had some association with several of them. They are all great in their own way. They all have some facet, idea or event that appeals to us, but there’s not one that could completely fill our needs due to location, event timing or any number of other small details. So, we decided to start our own group.

Our very favorite club, that we have had the great pleasure to run with, is located in North Carolina. The distance did not stop of from becoming members. This group, know as Mangum Track Club, is the inspiration for this running club endeavor…The MTC has a tradition called the Shirt Run. Anyone can receive a shirt and become a permanent member of the club after running 15 odd miles down a rural road in North Carolina, ending at a place known as the dog pen. The run and the club itself, have a great mystique about them. It was so intriguing and exciting to us that we traveled from New Jersey with our three children in tow, to participate in the Shirt Run. Three times. We have met many wonderful people and continue draw inspiration from them on a daily basis.

So, because of our love of this group,  we have named our club Wickatunk Track Club (WTC) and have dubbed it the unofficial sister club of the MTC.  We even have our own version of the Shirt Run, known as the Sock Run.

Like MTC, this group has little to do with track and more to do with the great friends you can meet up to run with. Our goal is simple: meet like-minded people, enjoy the camaraderie that comes with running and have fun. We hope you will join us.

Think you want to become a member? It’s as easy as running 14 miles

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  • Elizabeth Schafer

    NJ Marathon would like to offer discounts to your members. Who can we contact?

    • donna at donnariopel dot com

  • Please tell me who I can contact about doing something for your members. I am responsible for marketing at Road Runner Sports in Shrewsbury.

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