It’s almost time…

We have been working hard to hash out all the details for Saturday, our first try at a Sock Run. We are calling it “Dry Run” because we don’t have all the pieces in place yet; most importantly, the socks! So although everyone who runs the 14 miles on Saturday will earn their socks, no one will receive their socks on Saturday. But you WILL get them.

We will be starting promptly at 7am, meeting at our usual place: Marlboro Airport and head south on the Henry Hudson Trail.

From there we’ll follow strategically placed signs that will guide us over the course of 14 miles to our final destination in, Keyport, NJ.

There will be a few runners not going the whole distance on Saturday, so if you are not yet up to the 14 miles, please come anyway and run a shorter route with the group.

We plan to have Sock Runs every month or so as needed or wanted so there will be plenty of opportunities to earn your socks if you are not yet ready for the long trek to Keyport. It is a distance you have to work up to and it will be worth every step.


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